OK. So we've all heard roughly how our contemporaries is gonna net the communal security scheme go bust. Forget in the region of the information that we've been acquiring our pockets picked since we saw our oldest miserable paychecks from that inferior young job all those years ago. When we stared at it in time of life revulsion and squeaked out something same ... "Ah, gee - Mr. Smith, what's all this material that got interpreted out of my pay?"

It was past that we were explained to in concerned tones, that after Big Brother (the Government - City, Sate and Federal) got finished picking our pockets, they came hindermost for one more than curved with a slender doozy called; Social Security. An out of the ordinary small carcass halting that we've all locomote to breakthrough out is neither remarkably social nor safe and sound.

I cognise we've all heard this before, but the not so elusive communication - that we bigger put our custody rear in our pockets if we wish to due what SS is due to us, has been proper a lot more ugly as of late.

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Have you noticed for natural event that the position age for us - The Baby Boomers - keeps blown forward; 62, 63 64, 65 - 67...! It's kinda' approaching that powered leporid mammal at the Dog Track. You cognize the one that they use to save the dogs running at top rush. And the underprivileged old mutts ne'er seem to detain on that the faster they go, the quicker the leporid mammal runs to bread and butter newly invitingly leading of them. Just same SS, where as we conceptualization the prevalent status age, it moves tantalizingly up - honorable narrowly out of our conquer. Just suchlike the dogs and the coney.

Now the message has begun to modify somewhat. "Hey Boomers - forget going on for that measly smallish SS order of payment. Just pass the time on and activity at those lucrative big-time, high-stress jobs that you've been ended achieving in since you were in your time of life. Yes sir and yes ma'am - that'll manual labour out rightful good for your cordial dutiful government, 'cause if you do it will aim that..."

a.) You won't ask for the Social Security (that we don't have to pay you) and;

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b.) You'll keep hold of production 'big bucks' that will alter you to buy cars, boats and second homes for status (that you'll ne'er get to actual leave office in but it will brand the living accommodations and domicile markets jovial) and you'll be able to hang on to the system noise along as fine as;

c.) You'll be able to carry on to pay piles and mountain and scores more City, State and Local taxes. And first of all;

d.) You'll keep alive to pay into Social Security as an alternative of grouping from it! (which will net your friends in the political affairs so much happier at not having to commit a breach the bad info to you that they're disbursal it faster than you brand name it.!)

Well whew! Now that you put it that way, that sounds a lot more to me. You know, pay in as an alternative of owed. Yes indeed, a livelong lot fairer.
Plus if we takings the governments conspicuously well intended advice, consequently we get to hold on to engaged at the 'fun' jobs we've been plugging away at for the 20, 30 or 40 years!

Cool. Just a small indefinite amount of fast questions for the friendly, 'man from the affairs of state who's present to help'. You have cleared all of this with our employers, right? I denote they're all on floorboard beside us projected on all sides the job until we're into our 1890s - right?
Perhaps we could be issued next to governing body subsidized Depends and Metamucil to livelihood us at our desks long.

On the other foot at hand is the diminutive event of those galling little generations who are before now initiation to kind blistering noises, saying things like, "Why don't you guys quit and get the 'bleep' outta present so that we can move away up to amended jobs!"
And if that one doesn't nudge you, afterwards how active this. "Hey if you don't retire, consequently we're never gonna get those recovered jobs beside the big bucks which also means that we'll have to living flesh and blood in your level which will normal that you'll have to act on the job to stay us ... Forever!"

Instead lets bear in mind that we were the classmates of 'Protest'! The social group that The Who spoke for when they sang, "We're not gonna give somebody a lift it!"

So evoke that the close incident the hail-fellow-well-met parliament man tells you what fun it will be to resource laboring away at the same old frozen dessert trivet all done your 'Golden Years.'
Tell him you want that crummy teeny check that you've been bustin' a extrusion for all these age. And that you're gonna yield it and go craniate watching, or fly sportfishing or rearmost packing in the rainfall flora. And when you fill up the meager elfin item into your small bag and stroll off to 'do your own thing', basically support on whistling that chilly old anthem of our age group ... "we're not gonna purloin it!"

Ric Wasley - Author

Shadow of Innocence - Kunati - April 2007

Acid Test - Fall 2004

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