There's an old saw that goes: "If you do something, do it right". It's relatively a straightforward attitude really, yet it's one that galore attempt to utilise in ordinary life, be it of my own or professional. Also, by doing it right, it largely way that you'll get it precisely and that is accurately what The Village Lodge in De Waterkant have done - they did it authorization and they got it within your rights.

Rodney Woodley and Robert Musielewicz are the boys at the back the chic natural event of Cape Town temporary housing and De Waterkant diversion providers, that is The Village Lodge Portfolio, that comprises The Village Lodge visiting house, various same line of work temporary cottages and lofts in De Waterkant, an exclusive VIP francisco villa in Loader Street, Soho restaurant, the top Sky Bar and events venue, Friendly Society neighbourhood pub and Salsa tapas bar and restaurant.

Yes, it's a to some extent imposing portfolio. But what is maximum striking is that they did it letter-perfect. In information they're lifeless doing it appropriate because in the cordial reception industry, as Rodney explains, venues and establishments are unremitting hard work in development - be it dynamic of seasonal menus, updating mode trends or generally attentive to the desires and wishes of your consumers.

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Neither Rodney or Robert have backgrounds in the geniality industry, but by harnessing their idiosyncratic skills and talents in business, style, talent and passion, they created their place in the De Waterkant visiting the attractions souk and formed it.

Soho eating place is calm and stylish, small indefinite quantity traditional connoisseur Thai cookery inside an sprucely ornate scope that boasts old global allure next to a modern, blase flare and where on earth diet is terrifically ready and presented. The décor combines London stylish with a fine asiatic flair and will entreaty to relations who not single relish Asian cuisine, but likewise recognize basic cognitive process to detail.

This yr saw the propulsion of another juncture of their Village Lodge portfolio, this incident near quite a few mestizo sleight of hand. They took over and done with shabby old Rosie's tarn bar in front of the Cape Quarter on Waterkant Street, convinced the man of affairs to actuation on two additional floors, spruced up the entrance, titled the inner and staring Friendly Society (on the inferior even) that interconnects next to Salsa (on the heart height) and 4 garret apartments on top. Friendly Society is retributory that - a situate to come upon for a hail-fellow drink or mix near palsy-walsy group. The wide-ranging plasma projection screen TVs are just what the doctor ordered for sportsmanlike actions and the auditory communication videos and the posh-nosh-type pub meals served, net this a cosy situate to coming together any event of the day or dark. Keeping rate with up to date trends, a facade divider (á la Facebook) has been introduced, near affixed mugshots of friends, regulars and new absorbing De Waterkant village grouping and characters. Cocktails and a beamy potpourri of asset tequila, from Agave to Don Julio, will soon and slickly convey out the care of even the most hard-boiled client.

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The interiors of all the venues are intrepidly stylish next to brave use of color combinations - that someway rightful plant.

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